Guerrilla Girls Mask Tote Bag

Guerrilla Girls

  • 'You won't believe what comes out of your mouth when you're wearing a gorilla mask!'

    And now you have a perfect way to find out what you would really say with this cool tote bag from the Feminists, activists, general genius' the Guerrilla Girls. Using their instantly recognisable gorilla mask symbol, the tote bag has holes for eyes and a mouth so, if the patriarchy are being particularly patronising and enforcing their entitlement all over the place, grab the tote, stick your head in it and let rip. Life is so much more freeing with a gorilla mask on. And it's also very handy to have a tote bag to carry sandwiches for later. Smashing the system is hungry work.

    100% cotton tote bag measuring 40 cm x 40 cm.

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