Beer Bar Growbar

Gluttonous Gardener

  • Been hanging out in your own beer garden recently?

    In these strange times, you or the beer drinker in your life, might have been spending more relaxation time in the house or garden than in your local ale house sampling the delights of local brewers and small breweries. And you or the beer drinker in your life might have had the time to do some more gardening and discovered a love for growing veggies and herbs. Well this little growbar of delight combines the love of beer with the passion for gardening, producing three herbs that will tickle the pallet of beer lovers everywhere and encourage more experimentation with their next ale. Containing anise seeds, coriander seeds and the all important hops, the is a great gift idea too being perfectly post-able for loved ones you can't see at the moment.

    The Beer Bar growbar is 100% eco-friendly. The soil is coir which is made from coconut fibres and all packaging is recyclable. You'll need a bowl, water and sunshine to get these seeds on their way.

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