Finger Hands for Finger Hands


  • So this seems to be happening..

    We at BALTIC Shop wish there could be some sensible, uplifting reason why the people who brought us the weirdy-ness of Finger Hands have now decided to bring the even weirder FINGER HANDS FOR FINGER HANDS to the table. But we can't. Apart from the giddy joy that they will bring you when you place another, teenier, finger hand on top...of a teeny finger hand. We're pretty sure what with everything going on in the world, that there's not much long left for this particular civilisation but, when they're digging up artefacts in the next universe, the crab people will take comfort that humans once put small hands on our fingers then made smaller ones to add on those. That last sentence makes as much sense as these teeny Finger Hands so embrace the weird and start Finger Handing to infinity. 

    The Finger Hands for Finger Hands measure 2.5 cm and you're going to need 5 to fit on the set of 5 'normal' sized Finger Hands you've already got (or are going to get after reading this!). So, set of 5 for a fiver - high five!

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