Finger Hands


  • 'If you're Happy and you know it clap your tiny hands....'

    If you're happy and you know it stamp your teeny tiny feet. If you like your body parts to be teeny tiny then we have just the thing. Bring hilarity, surprises and, let's face it, just plain creepiness to all your friends with finger hands. You can give a round of applause multiplied by 10 or an epic high 5 (25?) by popping the little vinyl hands on the end of your fingers and giving them a wiggle. OK, we're not saying these vinyl little hands are life changing or anything. In fact, let's be honest, they are a bit icky. But somehow they just work for adults and kids alike. Get ready Instagram, your feed is going to be pretty finger-full from now on.

    They measure approximately 5 cm x 7.5 cm. If you would like a mixture of light and dark skin tones, please let us know!

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