Michael Rakowitz | Date Palm Range


  • A House With A Date Palm Will Never Starve

    So says this Arabic proverb used by artist Mark Rakowitz on this lovely range of products to commemorate his work, The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist, currently exhibiting on the famous Forth Plinth in Trafalger Square, London. The work is a continuation of his aim to recreate the 7000 objects looted from the Iraq Museum after the Iraq War or destroyed across the country by certain factions, and is Lemassu, a winged bull and protective deity that until it was destroyed by ISIS in 2015 stood at the Nirva Gate of Nineveh. 

    When it came to producing a range with Plinth, Rakowitz looked to another of his passions which is how food and hospitality can be used to bridge the social and political divide when people come together to eat. The date is an integral part of middle eastern cuisine so to own a date palm means there will always be an ingredient to feed family and friends and those we haven't met yet. Consisting of a tea towel, apron, wooden spoon, tote bag and enamel pin, these will make a beautiful gift for people who appreciate the importance of hospitality.

    The tea towel, apron and tote bag are all made of cotton. The wooden spoon is engraved and comes with a tag to hang.

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