Theresa Dog Toy

Pet Hates

  • 'In tough times, everyone has to take their share of the pain', Theresa May

    With a necklace of chunky beads and a peek of a leopard print shoe, Pet Hates have created a Theresa shaped dog toy which will surely bring joy to both yourself and your playful pooch. We're in very confusing political times but one thing is always a guarantee, dogs love to chew things and chuck things around. And if one of the things they're allowed to do that with represents a Prime Minister with all the political clout of a squeaky dog toy then that's got to make you, the owner, feel a little better. All with satirical tongue firmly in cheek, of course. And to show there's no doggy toy bias, there's a Jeremy Corbyn version too.

    Theresa dog toy measures 36 cm x 28 cm and is made from fabric and stuffed with polyester. She has squeakers which are found within nylon pockets within the toy but please don't let the doggy get too boisterous and rip it apart, that's not democracy!

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