Finger Cat Paws


  • Cats will love them (not..)

    Following on from the phenomenon that was Finger Hands comes Finger Cat Paws. Which are exactly what they sound like, (some might say) unfortunately. Latex finger length pretend cat paws for you to sport on your hands for feline fun. Get to understand how your kitty's mind works as you aimlessly bat at things that a human can't see, or knead an expensive cushion or rug to see quite why it's so satisfying. Of course, the main reason to purchase these finger cat paws is to do weird and humorous photos and memes on your Instagram feed to elevate your following to legendary. Also, poke an actual cat. They love it. Really.

    Latex finger cat paws measure 11.4 cm so are long enough for all fingers so there's really no excuse! Also, we're selling these in purrs only (yes, two, we know what we did there).

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