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  • Acclaimed Canadian artist Rodney Graham has a major exhibition at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art this spring.

    Also a very accomplished musician, this 2016 album, Good Hand, Bad Hand, shows all of Graham's styles and influences including Rock n' Roll, Country, Psychedelia and folk. From playing in a punk band, UJ3RKS, in the 70's in Vancouver, Graham unapologetically absorbs all style of music before and since and this album is a fantastic way to enjoy whether you're new to his work or a die hard fan.

    Track List

    Side A
    I'm Running Away to Join Cirque du Soleil
    Lou Christie
    Home Alone
    Rock in My Shoe
    Don't Give Up the Day Job

    Side B
    Hello Daily News
    Since I Put the Bottle Down
    Can I Get You a Chair?
    That Was Stupid (What Was I Thinking Of?) 

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