I've Done Nothing/I've Done Everything Mug

David Shrigley

  • One mug for two moods!

    Achievement days. They're great days. When you whizz through all your errands, work, chores, lists and you're at the end of the day feeling positive. Those are the days when you deserve a mug that announces to the world your accomplishments. That let's everyone know 'I've Done Everything.' Non-achievement days. Not so great. When you stare listlessly into space or out of the window, knowing you have stuff to do but accepting you're getting no further than the sofa and an episode of Cash in the Attic. Where you're so out of the game you need your mug to convey your lack of productivity with the words 'I've Done Nothing.' Step forward David Shrigley. Here again to save the day with a must have mug which celebrates both achievements, one on each side, and lack thereof. Make your tea and choose your side with Shrigley-esque wit, humour and cool.

    The mug is fine bone china, dishwasher and microwave proof and measures 9.3 cm x 8.3 cm in diameter.

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