Apothecary String Lights

Temerity Jones

  • 'Apothecary'A place where wine, spices and herbs are stored

    Or, another way of putting it here at BALTIC Shop is 'Our House'. And these string lights in the shape of Apothecary Lotion and Elixir bottles are the perfect accessory for any home where delicious meals are served with intoxicating liquor under moody and beautiful lighting. Made of real glass and containing an LED light run from a battery (bringing an element of modern into the vintage appeal) each potion bottle will create an atmospheric feel to any party or get together. Or just light them up, sit back with cheese, biscuits and a good glass of red and contemplate purchasing that apothecary cabinet you've had your eye on.

    ten glass bottle lights, 165 cm in length altogether, 15 cm apart.

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