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    For Action Film Lovers

    Who doesn't love a good action movie, especially when they were made in the fabulous 1980's when, quite frankly, over the top machismo was the name of the movie game. And, let's be honest, if you were young enough in the 80's to enjoy a good action movie then you're probably old enough now in 2017 to appreciate a good pair of socks. So look no further than this perfect combination of 80's macho action heroes represented by cosy, comfortable cotton socks gift set and tick a Christmas gift off your list! There's the 'Sockfather' for Mafia fans, 'Mambo' for Vietnam themed shoot 'em ups, 'Toeminator' for angry Robot Arnie memories and 'Karate Feet'..for a film about an outsider wimpy kid who learns to become a Karate expert through a wise old Karate master Mr Miyagi...OK, not too sure that one quite fits into the other testosterone filled films but if you've ever practised the Crane then you'll be well on board with this one too. Socks are huge at the moment so celebrate a good sock gift set with huge 80's nostalgia too and treat yours or someone else's feet to these Badass Socks in a fabulous box.

    Cotton socks to fit feet size 9-12.

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