Balloon Lamp


  • Who doesn't love a balloon?

    Who doesn't get a little dejected when a balloon pops or deflates? Well, worry no more about flabby balloons filled with stale air as we have the solution. This gorgeous balloon lamp is cleverly designed in such a way that the balloon will always stand tall and full. It also has an LED light which changes colours at regular intervals filling a little one's room with a calming balloony energy (we're sure that's a thing). There's also a clever switch which means you can choose one colour at a time if you or your child prefers. Simple in its design but astounding in its execution, there isn't a bedroom in the land which wouldn't benefit from embracing the permanent joy of a balloon from daytime into night. Please no balloon fights, however, that might get messy.

    Measures approx 32 cm x 32 cm x 34 cm and comes in a gift box.

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