Boris Dog Toy

Pet Hates

  • Let's us take back control, shall we?

    Introducing the Boris dog toy with its very blue tie and shock of ridiculous hair. Let's imagine this toy standing in front of a dog toy sized bus with promises written on it that will be impossible to keep. And then imagine that when this dog shaped size country goes into complete melt down because of these massive fibs, this Boris shaped dog toy disappears into the background still with an assumption that one day it will still be in charge as if nothing happened. And then imagine that the Boris shaped dog toy is now, actually, the actual Prime Minister and that we're all effectively doomed. Now. Let your lovely pooch have a good sniff of Boris, get them all excited about their new toy, then FLING this toy as hard and far as you can. Doggy will chase, hunt down, clamp and hurl Boris Toy with unbridled joy and abandonment. Brexit therapy for you and your bestest boy. And we're not talking about Boris.

    Fabric Boris is stuffed with polyester and contains two squeakers in nylon pockets inside. The toy is hardy but can be destroyed by large hounds and committed small ones so monitor the toy joy carefully. It measures 34 cm x 29 cm. Don't let the cats miss out on the fun - there's a smaller version cat toy too!

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