Bright Ideas 20 Double-Ended Coloured Brush Pens

Bright Ideas

  • Introducing our new coloured pen crush...

    Those bright sparks at Bright Ideas have created a rather wonderful pen set of 20 quality double ended pens. At one end there is a fine, fine marker for detailed work and writing. On the other there is a luscious brush pen for bolder marks and sweeping colouring in. And, because it's Bright Ideas, each of the twenty colours is called something rather fabulous from Sunburst of Inspiration (yellow) to Grape Expectations (purple!). A joy to hold and a thrill to use, BALTIC Shop has it's evening sorted for the next few weeks - now where is that colouring book..? A colouring pen set that's not just for the kids.

    20 coloured pens each with two different pen nibs.

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