David Shrigley Calendar 2021

Brainbox Candy

  • Buckle up for 2021!

    Well, weren't we all young naïve fools not but 12 months ago? When all we had to worry about was Brexit, Trump and Tories. Innocent times indeed. To be fair, did you even get to write on your David Shrigley 2020 calendar with plans, holidays and special occasions? Thanks, Global Pandemic for effing up a perfectly unassuming year. So, to 2021, and if there was ever an artist to take you through the chaos to come with the sardonic wit and humour needed, David Shrigley is that artist. With an apt illustration at the top and space to write events at the bottom (oh, please let us be able to write down some events, 2021!), this 2021 calendar does everything a calendar should do. Now, World, take a tip from Shrigley Calendar and sort your life out!

    The Shrigley measures 30 cm x 30 cm closed, double the length to 60 cm when opened. Also, slight disclaimer - the dates are a bit Shrigley-fied so approach booking your holidays by this calendar with caution! 

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