Giant Inflatable Cactus Hoopla


  • Ah, the joy of a summer holiday, somewhere hot with a pool to cool off in when it's too hot to sunbathe.

    And what springs to mind while taking a dip in a swimming pool at home or abroad? That's right; wouldn't it be perfect to play a little hoopla right now with a giant inflatable cactus? And wouldn't it make it the ultimate holiday vacation if you had giant inflatable pretzels to chuck at the cactus? Well - tadah! Whether you play in the privacy of a paddling pool in the garden, a villa in the med or extend the fun to a public pool and make some jolly nice new friends, this inflatable cactus hoopla is the perfect holiday companion. Pack him blown up, pack him flat but remember to pack him for cool, pool times!

    Pack size of flat cactus is 26 cm x 20.5 cm x 5 cm. Inflated cactus is much bigger!

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