Giant Inflatable Magical Unicorn


  • Sometimes our gifts just write themselves.

    Do we really need to say more than Giant Inflatable Magical Unicorn? Let's break those amazing words down in a little more detail.. Giant: Big enough to fit an adult swimwear covered bottom into. Let's face it, we've all eyed kids' inflatable rings on holiday and thought, no chance. But this inflatable ring is giant so back up and enjoy pool inflatable ring comfort. Inflatable: It floats! You sit in a unicorn and it floats!! What more..? Magical: Well, it's a huge blue unicorn with a gold coloured horn and rainbow tail that floats on actual water so we don't know how else you would describe magical to be honest. Unicorn: UNICORN! It's 2017, the whole world is being taken over by unicorns (we wish..) so what else would you be packing for your summer holiday accessory!? Bring on the pool, bring on the holiday and jump into giant inflatable magical unicorn for immediate summer fun times. You can also use it for sitting indoors - whatever floats your turquoise unicorn boat, really.

    Packs size (squished unicorn) measure 32 cm x 21 cm x 10 cm. Blown up unicorn is, uhm, giant.

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