Hologram Viewer

Luckies of London

  • Help me Obi Wan Kenobie, you're my only hope!

    Yep, Star Wars fans, you're about to have your mind blown by this little device which projects a real life hologram into the room so you can fulfil all your Star Wars dreams. You or a loved one can dress in Princess Leia's outfit and remake the iconic scene from A New Hope by filming the action on your phone, downloading the App, and playing it on this little technological beauty. Of course, there are lot's of other messages you can make into a hologram (you can send them to people too!) but, let's be honest, this is all about recreating the magic you experienced when you first saw the film. Hair buns, R2D2 and light saber not included.

    Viewing area is approx 6 xm x 3 cm. Made from plastic and cardboard. Best results come from laying the viewer flat in a dark room.

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