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  • 'Alice is a successful biochemist. She publishes at least one highly regarded academic paper a year and has won the Colworth Medal. A the school gate, nobody knows this. Alice does not even have a name. Everyone calls her Olivia's mum. Olivia hasn't done anything yet.'

    We love mums. Mums are awesome and fantastic and cool. And our mums love us of course. More than anything in the world, we think. But it's also important to acknowledge that being a mum can also be a challenge and life with kids of all ages isn't always as rosy as we, the kids, think. And the best way to deal with the ups and downs of mummy parenting? Humour! This spoof of the much loved Ladybird How it Works book brilliantly captures some of the pitfalls of being a mother while being laugh out loud funny. It will certainly cheer up Mum all year round. A great alternative Birthday present to the usual flowers and chocolates (although Mums like these presents as well. Gentle hint, hint.)

    Hardcover book with 56 pages and free delivery on all books!

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