How Not to be a Dick


  • We mean, how hard can it be...?

    Well, to some of the general public out there occupying the same spaces as you, it's surprisingly tricky not to act like an utter dick whether in social, work place or domestic gatherings. And, because you are not a dick, how do you point out someone is being a dick without coming across as an absolute, well, dick? Step forward this helpful little guide book by Meghan Docherty, jam packed with little tit bits and advice on getting through life without everyone wanting to punch you the minute you enter or indeed leave a room. From relationships, home, work, school and play, there's a multitude of ways not to act like a dick. There's even a helpful cartoon couple illustrating along the way how pitfalls can exist but that you can triumph in non dickedness. And it makes a perfect Secret Santa gift as long as you make sure you don't ever tell who sent it. Wait, does that makes you a dick? Pass me that book, please!

    Hardcover with 176 pages and no P&P (see, we're not dicks!)

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