How to Split Wood, Shuck and Oyster an Master Other Simple Pleasures


  • The Kaufmann Mercantile Guide

    In this busy, digital led world of electronic distraction and devices this is the perfect book to take time out and get back to basics. Taken from a genuine interest in how to do, well, stuff, this beautifully put together book serves as an instruction manual with unique drawings and clear instructions. Taking a look at Kitchen, Outdoors, Home, Gardening and Grooming, it encourages you to embrace the more hands on approach to life. Before you know it you'll be out in your own vegetable garden, standing next to your newly built shelter with home made candles, sabering a champagne bottle wearing a perfectly knotted tie. Good times are waiting, my friend, time to put down that smart phone!

    Hardcover, 220 pages. FREE P&P on this book.

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