Ladybird How it Works Books for Grown Ups


  • Because sometimes grown ups need help too.

    With instantly recognisable Ladybird illustrations and clear, easily understandable text in nice big letters these Ladybird books will whisk you back to childhood and happier times of simple learning. But let's face it, we're grown ups now and things are a lot more complicated these days. So apply an incredibly large tongue inside your cheek, choose one of these complex subjects - The Hipster, Dating, The Husband, The Mid-Life Crisis, Mindfulness, The Shed, The Wife or The Hangover - sit back and let Ladybird make the adult world make more sense. Or at least you can stop worrying about the big stuff and have a giggle with some clever and subversive text from renowned comedy writers Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris.

    Hardcover Ladybird book, approx 56 pages. Free shipping on these titles - that's really easy to understand!

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