One More Episode Socks

Blue Q

  • OK, one more episode.

    It's that particular time of an evening, when you've got through a few episodes of your new Netflix (other streaming services are available) obsession and you know watching another will tip you over into going to bed too late, not sleeping well, sleeping in, having a terrible day at work and spending the whole day regretting the late night decision of watching one more, tantalising, what harm can it do, episode the night before. You know it will be there to watch tomorrow and you know you'll probably enjoy it more then when you're not half asleep. The time is counting down until another one begins. You reach for the remote to TURN IT OFF. Pause. Ah, what the heck, let's watch another one. And then it's definitely bed time. And if you're making these terrible life decisions while wearing cool and colourful socks with a strange little drawing representing you making said decisions then your regrettable choice makes more sense. A perfect socks gift for someone you would be tagging right now if this was on the Gram.

    Women's size socks made from 50% cotton, 47% nylon and 3% spandex.

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