Soup Socks

Luckies of London

  • A savoury socky collection.

    Have we reached the pinnacle of what a sock can be yet? Heck no, we haven't! Hence, we have these three pairs of sock-like wonders. Because, as we're sure we've all at some stage wondered how certain flavours of soup will manifest themselves in the format of sock, here are carrot and coriander (yellow with green chunks!), Minestrone (red and green and look there's cotton pasta!) and spring veg (a spring like green with orange and dark green splodges!) to answer these culinary cotton questions. And to drive the theme clearly home, these socks come in an actual decorated soup can with a pop off lid. Extraordinary. These soup socks will make the perfect gift for anyone who thinks they have all sock-based themes covered (the fools). They will also make super savoury sock-ed Secret Santa. Slurrp!

    Three individual pairs of soup socks made up of the following material 67% Cotton, 17% Nylon, 14% polyester, 2% Spandex. They're made to fit adult 7-11 size.

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