The Book Was Better Iron On Patch

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  • We all know that person.

    Be it Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Girl on the Train (they have a point with that one) to any other culturally significant film or TV programme based on a bestseller, there will always be the person who advocates that the book was better. They will wax lyrical for hours explaining why the character arc in the book was much better realised over ten chapters than in the four minutes of screen time it was afforded in the live action version. It takes all sorts, etc. And this awesome iron on patch is perfect just for that sort in your life. With this patch, you will be fore warned not to engage in next day conversation about dragons, wizards or, uhm, trains saving time for everyone. A perfect conversation-ender if you will. The iron on patch looks very cool too, there will be no arguing with that.

    The Book Was Better Iron On Patch measures approx 6 cm x 4 cm.

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