Ziggy Paperboy!

I Love Mel

  • The Best Dress-Up Fun You'll Have With a Pair of Scissors

    Take a fashion journey with pop icon David Bowie through the medium of cut out paper doll outfits! It sounds outlandish but it really works with two dinky David Bowie models and lot's of recognisable and iconic outfits to choose from. Take Aladdin Sane model first and dress Bowie up in his outrageous personas and glam rock cool. Then work through to his more debonair stage of his fashion life with quiffed hair and sharp suits. All you need is a pair of scissors and a dash of patience. We also recommend playing some Bowie really loud to get you in the mood for the Gene Genie. Not sure he would wear Y-Fronts though...

    24 pages, 16 outfits and two mini paper Bowie's!

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