June 30, 2015

Wish You Were Here: The Art of Travel

Whether you're planning a trip aboard or a stay-cation in the UK, travelling can be tiring work. Here's a collection of Holiday Essentials from our Wish You Were Here range to make your journey that little bit easier - and not as dull. 

There's nothing better than buying yourself a brand new bag for the summer holidays ahead. Mostly so you have the opportunity to check that you have your passport at least 1000 times before boarding - we all do it. For this trusty task we recommend the all new, dazzling Geometric Satchel from Bakker and the pixel-perfect Messenger Bag from U-Pixel. 


Travelling is the yearly opportunity to have a worth while game of snap or hang man. With this fantastic set of David Shirgley designed Playing Cards and our rather stylish BALTIC Notepad to play or hangman or simply doodle, you'll be entertained throughout your journey - just don't forget a pack of our cute Patterned Pencils too.

Keep those essential electrical items safe with our delightful covers and cases. Also from Bakker are these bright and bold iPhone and iPad cases. They are so cool and colourful, you'll be the envy of everyone en route. 

Who doesn't love colouring - put your colouring technique to the test with this Colouring-In Maps (our personal favourite is this one for New York City). A pocket-sized version of our Giant Colouring-In Posters, you can colour to your hearts content whilst on your travels and then use your finished map to navigate round your favourite city. We recommend these 50/50 Two-Tone Pencils for colouring too, double the fun and they come in a handy pencil tin too. 


It's always a sad day when you have to return home. At least you'll have your Scratch Map to look forward to when you get back. Scratch off your holidaying destination and celebrate your travels. There's an atlas version for the jet-setters and a UK version for people staying a little closer to home.

To find out more about our must haves for this year's far off travel adventures, head to our Wish You Were Here collection right here