Fresh as a daisy

Life’s too short to have the same old stuff in the same old place all the time. We all like a refresh and as the season's change so does BALTIC Shop stock. So whether you need to re-decorate your walls with fresh art prints or grab a gift we've got it covered. 

If you're starting from scratch in a new home, office, caravan or studio let us inspire you with cool stuff fresh off the delivery lorry. Avoid a beige existence. Choose life. Shop BALTIC.



We've put together a collection of our favourite gifts, homewares and jewellery that always put a smile on our face. And hopefully yours too! Check out our collection and shop online today. 


Top 10 Pins (this week - we keep changing our minds)

12, May, 2017

It's been a tough decision but we think we have managed to pick our top 10 most favourite pin badges. It caused much debate but we got there. Hardest job ever! Read more...

3 ways to use your David Bowie Bauble before Christmas...

05, May, 2017

3 Ways to Use Your David Bowie Bauble Before Christmas

We know what you're thinking... it's far too early to buy a Christmas bauble. Well, the David Bowie Bauble arrived back in stock this week so we've put our thinking hats on so you have the perfect excuses to buy one. Read the blog and view the videos....