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We're a nation full of animal lovers and we can't seem to get enough of using them to create beautiful things! Whether that's a cute giraffe necklace, a stunning bee cushion or a handsome fox lamp, we've put together a collection of creature treats to celebrate the animal kingdom so shop online today. (And gentle reminder alert - Mother's Day is steadily approaching!)



19, February, 2018

Yes ladies and gentlemen, these quite frankly paw-some accessories will be your trusty companion every day. Read on as we take you on a quick journey of our top puppy-picks. Read more >>

Free the Flowers! A guide to alternative gift giving this Valentine's Day.

07, February, 2018

Valentine's Day Gifts

Hark? What's that noise we hear? Could love be in the air? Is it the gentle waft of cupid's wing, the soft twang of his little bow releasing a small golden arrow toward the one you amour? Well, that must mean it's Valentine's day and the usual conundrum as to what to buy for the intended focus of your adoration? Now is the time to break free of the flowers, chuck out the chocolates and linger no more on Lingerie! We've come up with a few Valentine's gifts we recommend on the right side of quirky to give Valentine's Gift giving a boost! Read more >>