May 05, 2017

3 ways to use your David Bowie Bauble before Christmas...

3 Ways to Use Your David Bowie Bauble Before Christmas

We know what you're thinking... it's far too early to buy a Christmas bauble. Well, the David Bowie Bauble arrived back in stock this week so we've put our thinking hats on so you have the perfect excuses to buy one. View our videos below.

#1 - Create a dramatic centre piece for the table
It's simple, it's fun and all you need is 4 baubles, 4 candles, a floral headdress (we got an artificial one to save time) and a candelabra. 

#2 - Erm... Earrings, everyone like some unique jewellery right! 
Also dead easy, get two David Bowie Baubles. Get yourself some earring hooks, remove the string used to hang the baubles and replace with the earring hooks. Job done! 

#3 - Start the Bowie fans young and create a baby's mobile...

This one is a little trickier. You need some wire coat hangers, ribbon, 4 Bowie Baubles, plus wire cutters, pliers and scissors. We were definitely inspired by something we saw on Blue Peter for this one. It's never too early to become a David Bowie music fan.  

If that's not excuse enough, we don't know what is. Buy yours today by clicking HERE. Or shop in-store at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art.