September 14, 2015

Alex's Best Books & Must Reads

Our Shop Assistant Alex likes nothing more than when a book delivery arrives. Chances are when you see a photo of a book on Instagram, it's been taken and posted by her. Would we go as far as to say she's a bit of a book work worm...yes definitely! So we decided to ask her to provide her top reads for the autumn and boy is it an amazing list. 


1. The Great Journey / £12.99

This book arrived just this week and is brand new in the shop. Alex was straight in there to take a peek. "This book is so cool" she said "all you have to do is grab the magnifying glass and the whole book comes alive. Work your way through the book like a detective searching for clues along the way. It's playful, fun and you'll find something hidden every time". 


2. The Fragile Feast / £35.00
"I'm forever picking up this book as it features two of my most favourite things - food and travelling, what's not to love!"


3. Pocket Atlas / £12.99
Part of the current Fiona Tan exhibition is about exploration and finding new worlds so this little book is perfect. Alex said: "I love to travel and the idea of going to remote destinations around the world. There's great facts in here about different islands and what's there. Did you know there's an island called Christmas Island that is home to a colony of crabs - nope me neither. It's a great read!" 


 4. Grandma's House by Alice Melvin: £12.99 

Renowned illustrator Alice Melvin creates an enchanting book where every page leads to another exciting yet familiar discovery as the little girl moves the rooms in Grandma's house. Alex said: "This book takes me right back to my childhood. Remember the books which had different flaps and doors to open, this book completely reminds me of those and the illustrations are beautiful too". 


5. A Lion in Paris / £12.99
Alex is a keen traveller and she raves about this book to everyone who is comes into the shop looking for a unique children's book. "I love this city, I've been three times and the book really captures the feeling of being in Paris...with a Lion. It's also beautifully illustrated."


6. Cabinet of Natural Curiosities / £12.99

"This book also form part of BALTIC's exhibition range for the Fiona Tan exhibition. The book features original drawings of newly discovered reptiles, bugs and birds which are really detailed by Dutch scientist and natural historian Albertus Seba. Well worth a read."

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