July 12, 2016

5 Amazing Uses for a Cinematic Lightbox

 Light up your life Blog

We just love the Cinematic Lightbox so we thought we'd put together a handy little blog guide to show you how useful this small box of lighting wonder really is...

Movie Night In

Just because it's miserable outside and you don't want to leave your cosy living room to go to the actual cinema and watch a film, it doesn't mean you can't indulge in some retro movie glamour in the comfort of your own home. Pop some popcorn and pour in a bowl, mix up a milkshake in a 50's fashion, take your lightbox and add the title of the film being featured and you're in vintage movie house heaven. Heck, why not put your name at the top and ...presents... with the date and time of the showing. Just remember why you started this world of fun, though, and don't forget to watch the actual movie... 

Announce News

Fairly obvious this one, but what better way to announce big news and small by adding it to your lightbox and sharing it with the world through the wonders of social media. People will forever have their 'remember when (your name) told us through the medium of lightbox that they were (insert getting engaged/getting a cat/getting married/having baby/having more than one baby/moving house/moving country here) moment and your legendary life will linger on. It doesn't even have to be big news. Can you imagine anything more exciting than sharing with your followers on Instagram you're having chips for tea through the power of a lightbox? 


Yes, camping. We've all needed that midnight bathroom call when staying in the middle of a soggy field in the Yorkshire Dales. And we've all experienced that 'We know our tent's here somewhere, don't panic' when it's time to return to the tent in the dark. Well, fumble no longer. Simply add the letters of your name with 'TENT' at the end to your lightbox and there'll be a lovely glowing beacon of comfort guiding you back to your canvas haven no matter whereabouts on the campsite you decide to roam. Which leads us onto..


OK, OK, the long, eye catching wafting flag tactic might still be the best way to locate friends and new best mates in the middle of a field in, say, Glastonbury. But we think the lightbox would work wonders in a smaller festival atmosphere so you won't get lost from your fellow festies again. Agree on a secret phrase for the lightbox (for example 'Coo-ee, Besty Festy, we're over here!' or 'Don't come back without the Scrumpy'), tuck it under your arm and, when you're starting to feel lonely, pop your lightbox over your head and watch your mates come running. This is the future of festivals, we assure you, especially as you can never get a reception on your phone at these things. Talking of phones...

Be Text Present

Bear with us here but do you ever wonder what the reaction of the person who reads your texts actually is? Hide behind that phone no longer and start utilising that lightbox. Put your message on the lightbox, press an imaginary 'SEND' and run like billy ho to the intended recipient. Then stand proudly and with hope as they read the message and melt before your eyes. First dates, prom requests, thank yous and love yous, you get all the benefit of their gorgeous reactions without having to voice those some times hard to say words. Please be nice, though, remember you'll be standing quite near to the recipient and they can now physically hurt you.

So, we hope these useful tips will come in handy next time you're planning something monumental with your cinematic lightbox. Happy Lightboxing!