November 23, 2015

Christmas Gifts for Writers

Thinking about what to buy the writer in your life can be a difficult task. Chances are they have a stack of uninteresting and unused notebooks already in their writing stash. Writers are longing to receive something quirky and original that they will still get good use out of in their writing endeavours. Fear not, here at BALTIC SHOP, our speciality is the unconventional and we thrive on helping you find that something unique for Christmas. While we cannot promise we won’t be including a notebook or two, we will come up with some fantastic gifts for your loved ones that they will genuinely thank you for.

Finding inspiration to write can sometimes be a stumbling block, so creating a good atmosphere can be the first place to start. To create a little background ambience, why not invest in a Smartphone Speaker so they can tune into some music whilst at work. This dinky speaker attaches to their mobile device and can also be carried around when on the move.

Writers can have a tendency to work late into the night, so make their writing space cosy with a Rabbit LED Night Light. Cute as well as functional, this little bunny will change colour, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

“A tidy desk is a tidy mind”, so make sure your writer friends have the tools necessary to create a clean working space with this Pencil Sharpener Desk Tidy. Any old-school writers will love this oversized version of the traditional pencil sharpener, a quirky addition to a productive working environment.

So we’ve helped set the mood and fired up the creative juices but sometimes writers still need food for thought and any help with inspiration is very gratefully received. Why not start off with a Membership at BALTIC so your loved ones can enjoy access to an ever-changing array of exhibitions as well as discounts and invites to exclusive events, ensuring a year full of stimulation.

Most writers love the feel of a real, physical book in their hands, so why not appeal to their inner literary genius with, It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be, a handbook on how to succeed in the world.

642 Tiny Things to Write About is a great little book and the perfect tool to refer back to, when the writing process is not flowing as freely as it should.  For the ultimate writing break, the Wreck This Journal book encourages journal writing anarchy by actively creating some mess!

Created by paper-cut artist Rob Ryan, this stylish notebook I Made It With My Hands will work equally well as a desk decoration as it will to record thoughts and observations.

For any traditional writers who enjoy working with good old fashioned pen and paper, give them a set of Scented Pens that will give added zest to their notes. Or if they like to add a little music into their day, these Drumstick Pencils will double up as musical accessories.

Penning great literary works can be hungry work! And the writer needs to remember to stop working at some point throughout the day for snacks and refreshments. Getting lunch organised in advance using this Box Apetit Lunch Box is an ideal way to prevent long interruptions in the working day. For their afternoon cuppa break, enjoy BALTIC’s Geordie heritage with the Y I MAN Mug.

Are you a writer? What do you secretly wish for as a Christmas gift? Tweet or leave a comment below and let us know!