Northern Makers - Meet Jack Lowe
July 13, 2022

Northern Makers - Meet Jack Lowe

Jack Lowe PhotographKielder Moon PrintKielder Moon Print


Jack Lowe is a documentarist and photographer based in Newcastle who uses traditional Victorian techniques when taking and developing his images that produce uniquely stunning photographs of his environment. For the last seven years, Jack has been undertaking the Lifeboat Project; a mission to photograph all 238 RNLI stations around the UK producing one off, handmade, etched on glass photographs each telling a historical, cultural and human story about the stations and the people that run them. When it comes to stocking his work, BALTIC Shop offers this beautiful photographic print of the moon, taken at the Kielder Observatory on a winter’s night. This atmospheric and affecting print highlights both Jack’s talent for photography and the clear, black skies of Kielder itself to make an extraordinary image.

Jack remembers the magic of the night he took the photograph as well as how he feels about the north east..

'On arrival, conditions were mixed and, at one point, heavy cloud completely obscured the sky.

Through one of the powerful telescopes, we’d managed an early glimpse of Jupiter along with its moons but it would be great to enjoy more.

Thankfully, the biting cold wind parted the clouds, unveiling the night sky — complete with a faint Milky Way and shooting stars to boot.

As the perfect half moon set in the west, the sky became darker and darker, the stars stronger and stronger — a near perfect night to observe the heavens and remind ourselves that we’re a ball of rock tumbling around in organised chaos. A gift.

I’ve lived all over the UK but Newcastle upon Tyne is the longest I’ve stayed put. After living here for 22 years, our beautiful city has taught me the meaning of ‘home’. 

 The Lifeboat Station Project has taken me to some 160 places around the coast of the UK and Ireland but I always love coming back to Newcastle, which feels like a sanctuary to me. Passing the Angel of the North and then crossing the Tyne Bridge after a long drive is a 'welcome home' that’s hard to beat.'