Northern Makers - Meet Studio Wald
July 13, 2022

Northern Makers - Meet Studio Wald

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Studio Wald is couple Freya and Jakob, designing and making beautiful prints and homewares in their studio and workshop in Leeds. The design studio is passionate about sustainability and uses recycled paper and FSC approved material to create paper products from local suppliers while finishing everything within Yorkshire itself. From fruit and veg inspired recipe notecards to plant pot covers, their love of pattern and nature shines through. They also like to keep their talents in the family – Jakob’s mother Ulrike Rost is an artist who designs the beautiful flower prints including Sunflower and Blue Iris. They are also the proud parents of three small humans and their latest Blumen range was inspired by a drawing their son Barney made.!

They told us about the ethos behind Studio Wald..

'Over the last 5 years Studio Wald have built up over 500 worldwide stockists, working with some of their dream retailers such as Kew Gardens, the V&A and Bloom & WIld, but their main focus is still working with small independent retailers. They love to meet their customers face to face and can often be found at print and craft fairs across the north and further afield.


Sustainability drives every design decision. All products are printed and finished in England (most of which in Yorkshire by local producers), all paper products are made using 100% recycled or FSC certified paper, and every item passes through their hands and is compiled in their Leeds City Centre studio. Where components cannot be sourced from UK producers, they are sourced from Europe.'