Do you like your home decor to be a little bit different? Do you like your interior design to highlight your style and personality? We have perfect bold pieces that make a statement about who you are whether you're spending time in your home, workplace or garden. Go forth and revel in your individuality, it's your space! Browse our full range of homeware and buy online today.

Felt So Good Chilli Plant
Felt So Good Pink Cactus
Felt Sunflower Decoration
Megaladon Felt Shark
Julian Opie Paul Bib
Neighbourhood Threat Keep Growing Coasters
Neighbourhood Threat Bubblegum Lady Cushion
Neighbourhood Threat Vegas Tea Towel Packaging
Storigraphic Green Boho Cushion
Storigraphic Boho Red Cushion Front
Neighbourhood Threat Yellow Bee Tea Towel
Seventies Boho Red Tea Towel
Storigraphic Op Art Tea Towel
LIGA Grey Fish Coaster
LIGA Monstera Cork Coaster
Grey Swallow Coaster
LIGA Wave Cork Coaster
LIGA Lobster Placemat
LIGA Round Fish Magnet
Baltic Building Candle
Felt Orange Bloom Plant
Felt So Good Purple Tips Plant
Bold & Noble Dolly Parton Tea Towel
Bold & Noble Harry Styles Tea Towel
Bold & Noble Stevie Wonder Tea Towel
Bold & Noble Tina Turner Tea Towel
Dachshund Plant Animal in Packaging