Northern Maker

Northern Maker is a BALTIC Shop initiative showcasing the amazing talent we're surrounded by both regionally and across the whole of the north. Not only is it part of BALTIC's values, it's a celebration of the finest makers from right here on our doorstep in Newcastle/Gateshead to the far flung reaches of Leeds and Liverpool!! Discover the wonderful prints, t-shirts, homewares and accessories made by the talented artists and designers from the north and shop Northern Maker online.

Studio Wald Blue Iris Print
Wald Cobbles Plant Pot Cover Large
Wald Fruit Recipe Notecards
Studio Wald Blue Iris Tea Towel
Studio Wald Large Flower Press Poppy
Studio Wald Plant Hanger
Studio Wald Sunflower Tea Towel
Wald Small Wood Plant Pot Cover
Far From Home Pin Set
Lock and Key Pin Set
Love You to Death Print
Until Death Pin Set
Until Death T-Shirt Front
Until Death Wood Cut
Studio Dariolina Aki Necklace
Max Machen Coffee Diver Print
Studio Dariolina Dawn Brooch
Studio Dariolina Dawn Earrings
Studio Dariolina Dusk Brooch
Studio Dariolina Dusk Earrings
Studio Dariolina Emi Necklace
Studio Dariolina Emi Stud Earrings