November 29, 2016

3 Other Ways to Use Your Smart Phone this Christmas

Some of you may think we have gone mad. Of course you can use your smart phone to call people, text and check in on Facebook, twitter and Instagram every five minutes, but we here at BALTIC Shop like to think a little more creatively. We've come up with three alternative ways to use your smart phone this Christmas.

1.  Make your own animation movie 

Enter the world of stop-animation and create your own short movies with the Ani-mate Kit. The kit comes complete with backdrops and modelling clay so you can create your very own mini-movies by downloading the free and easy to use app - we know this, as we had a go ourselves. See below and enjoy!


2. Go retro with the Optrixx Lense 

There's nothing better than sharing your photos with friends online. Give them a kaleidoscopic twist with the Optrixx Lense. Hold your phone up to the fly-eye and hey presto, you got yourself a rather retro and very cool photo or film. 


3. Enjoy a movie night in with the Smart Phone Projector

When you have made your stop motion movies and kaleidoscopic films, why not hold your own movie night complete with popcorn and nachos using the Smart Phone Projector. Super-simple to use, all you have to do is pop your phone inside the case and press play. No batteries required. 

Smart Phone Projector

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