December 07, 2016



We have the purr-fect collection of fantastically unique gifts for animal lovers and pet owners the world over from feathered-friends to man’s best friend. We apologise now for all pet-related puns. 



Farewell dots, hello dogs. Friends and family will have lots of fun matching up pooches with Dog Dominoes. Whether it's a lovely Labrador or a perky Poodle, there's no end of fun to keep dog loving little ones (and older ones) engaged in gaming fun and away from the TV this Christmas!




We have total puppy love for these Felt Dog miniatures. They sit, they stay and there’s no mess – thumbs up! 





Admit it, we’ve all done it, you sit down and watch one cat video online and then before you know it, you’ve lost 3 hours of your life to the cute felines. If you know someone who is mad for moggies or you're a crazy cat person yourself, this fun and informative Cats Best in Show Trump Cards will be a massive hit.





This glam-roar-ous Cat Purse has been created by
none other than David Shrigley.  It's cheeky, it's pink, it has a fluffy tail, what's not to love.




Learn to tweet the old fashioned way. Bird Bingo is a creative way to learn the names of all the birds you see in the garden – plus some you didn’t even know existed. Don’t forget to shout BIRD HOUSE when you match all of your birds.




Night night birdy! This Bird Shaped LED Night Light is perfect for little chicks and will help your little ones nod off every night with its calming changing colours.






This classic Tin Tripper Toy will be bouncing all over the living room this Christmas. A great stocking filler for all the family, we recommend buying a few to race. Endless fun.




We heart Kozyndan and their love of bunnies. If you know someone that loves rabbits, adorn their wall with the Seasons of the Bunny Posters, available as a special offer bundle right here at BALTIC Shop.

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