March 30, 2017

Spring into Spring: 5 gorgeous gifts for the home this Spring

Stop right there, step away from the dust pan and brush. You don't need to do your spring cleaning just yet. Read our fantastic blog which shows you our fabulous list of new home accessories instead.


You can't beat a bunch (or three) of bright daffodils in spring. Go on, bring some sunshine into your home with a tropical Pineapple Vase too. 

Life in the desert must be a happy one if this chap's face is anything to go by. You won't find a cuter, more friendly looking Cactus Night Light anywhere else. Plug him in to your USB port to charge and watch him glow! His flamingo friend is a lip balm, we couldn't resist putting them together.  


We love these cute little Decorative Birds. Perch them on your household furnishings and channel your inner Disney princess. Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Belle - you just need to choose which one to be.  


We're back to cacti and their friends with these gorgeous Cactus & Succulent Storage Jars. We think they are perfect for storing away trinkets and treasures including the Beetle Necklace

Cactus and Succulent Storage Jars

A designer home for your garden birds. We here at BALTIC Shop know a thing or two about cor-ten steel. It's the same material used for the Angel of the North, our main entrance at the gallery and now, this Nest Box for your back garden. 


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