January 15, 2018


New Year, new you? Or same you just a bit tired and sick of the weather? Whatever the you you're feeling, we have some great ideas to start the year off with a new skill which involves staying in your cosy house and chilling out until the sun comes back out. Here's our top 10 lowdown for you to win at January!

1. Just Brick It
The ultimate book for Lego enthusiasts. Step aside Lego house, we're building a stag head instead. 

2. The Grammar Of Spice
Prepare to feel educated, inspired and definitely hungry as you investigate the world of spices.

3. Tokidoki Colouring Pad
Relax with a spot of colouring. This fun-filled pad will keep you entertained for hours. It's not just for the kids. 

4. Life Drawing in 15 Minutes
Step-by-step life drawing in just 15 minutes by breaking down the human form into easy-to-draw shapes.

5. Washi Tape Crafts
The wonderful world of Washi. This book is jam-packed with creative ideas to use Washi Tape

6. The Things You Can See When You Slow Down
As Ferris Bueller said:'Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while you might miss it.'

7. 101 Things to do instead of playing on your phone
Guilty!? Time to put that phone away and do something more interesting. Fairwell mindlessness, hello mindfulness! 

8. Leon Soup Salads & Snacks
This handy little cook book will show you how to get through mealtimes this January by making your soups, salads and snack a little more interesting.

9. 642 Things to Draw
It's doodle time! Sketch a tiny drawing a day for 642 days or whizz through loads at one go, both ways are equally creatively satisfying. 

10. Frida by Sebastien Perez & Benjamin Lancombe
This beautiful book gives you an opportunity to delve into the life and mind of Frida Kahlo with stunning illustrations and die cuts giving the ability to be drawn into her famous and haunting paintings a layer at a time.

Whether you're looking to try out a new skill or simply looking for a good book to read, we have loads to choose from. Take a peek at our book collection here.