February 07, 2018

Free the Flowers! A guide to alternative gift giving this Valentine's Day.

 Valentine's Day Gifts

Hark? What's that noise we hear? Could love be in the air? Is it the gentle waft of cupid's wing, the soft twang of his little bow releasing a small golden arrow toward the one you amour? Well, that must mean it's Valentine's day and the usual conundrum as to what to buy for the intended focus of your adoration? Now is the time to break free of the flowers, chuck out the chocolates and linger no more on Lingerie! We've come up with a few Valentine's gifts we recommend on the right side of quirky to give Valentine's Gift giving a boost!

1. You'll Do Greeting Card

Firstly, the all important Valentine's Card. Sometimes all the hearts, flowers and red things can be a little overwhelming so keep things simple with this pared down greeting card displaying a hand drawn heart and the heartwarming phrase 'You'll Do'. Be careful to judge the sense of humour of the recipient correctly, however, otherwise better luck next year, friend!

2. Love and Romance Trump Cards

Love and romance movie trump game grande

Nothing breeds romance and harmony more than a well fought game of Top Trumps of an evening. No falling out, sulking or chucking all your cards away when they win the Top Trump from you, no sirr-ee. OK, if you do have an element of the overly competitive in the relationship which may put a downer on Valentine's Day but you can't resist a quick game of something, this is the perfect Top Trumps game for you both. Referencing rom-coms, out and out romantic classics and some general Sop Fests, this is a game for movie loving romantics to enjoy over the dipped strawberries and Champagne.

3. Heart Lightbox

Alphabet lightbox heart box grande

Of course we all believe we are the only ones to brighten up our partner's lives. But when you need a break from all the brightening, this Heart shaped lightbox is the perfect way to spread illumination and bring some light box cool into their home. And you can also invest in a couple of matching initials with Alphabet Lightboxes too for added Valentine's credentials (keep this bit simple. All you need is your's and their's initials. Being creative in this matter may lead to confusion, upset and Valentine's Day tears.)

4. Put a Ring on This Embroidered Patch

Put a ring on this iron on patch grande

Not for the faint hearted this one but a super way to tell each other how you feel through the medium of iron on patch. Whether you're about to propose or merely sick of waiting to be asked, start off with this Put a Ring on This Patch and see where the evening takes you. Now, we acknowledge this fun embroidered patch could be misconstrued as a bit of a rejection but, you know the theme here, we were never going to recommend a gift that didn't potentially border on offending the love of your life!

5. My Life is Good Puffy Sticker

What screams I love you more than letting someone know how good your life is because they're in it. And we're yet to find a better way to present this endearment than in the form of a blue-y green puffy sticker horse attached to a card. It also says My Life is Good on it too which always helps to clarify the situation. Who knew renowned sardonic wit-monger David Shrigley would have Valentine's sentiment wrapped up? 

So there we have it, boring Valentine's Day gifting is no more - embrace the quirky this February 14th and we hope that all goes well!