July 19, 2018

Don't forget your Toothbrush!

Holidays are coming! Oh, wrong season.. And we know we don't actually sell toothbrushes... But, when the usual holiday purchases have been sorted, there's always time to add something a bit more special into your case that's just for you. And, as our lovely BALTIC Shop team are looking ahead to their jollies over the next few weeks, we thought we'd have a sneaky peak in their suitcases, back packs and handbags to see what holiday treats they are packing from the Shop this year to add some added va va voom to their vacation.

Sara (Head of Retail) - David Shrigley Kleptomania Tote Bag

David Shrigley Kleptomania Tote Bag

As big a fan of David Shrigley as the whole BALTIC Shop is, Sara is going to be carrying about some subversive tote bag fun when she hits the bright lights of Devon this year with the fam. This thick canvas tote is not only hard wearing and practical, but with it's hilarious classic Shrigley prose printed on it, it will be sure to bring a smile to the faces of fellow holiday makers of North Devon (maybe not the shop assistants but hey ho) when she's stocking up on suncream (hopefully) at the local pharmacy. 

Becca (Shop Supervisor) - Picasso's Picasso T-Shirt

Alex Sickling Picasso's Picasso T-Shirt

Even though Becca is keeping it UK based this summer, she's not afraid to wear a t-shirt that contains an epic, arty vibe with this cool t-shirt from local artist Alex Sickling. Containing 9 iconic images taking inspiration from the work of Picasso with a special Alex Sickling twist, this t-shirt works just as well for strutting about town, heading for some lunch or as a cover up at the beach or pool (which is very possible in the north east, we'll have you know!)

Anna (Shop Assistant) - Bakker Wallet and Wolf and Moon Hoop Earrings

Bakker Made With Love Sails Wallet                               Wolf and Moon Blue Wildflower Hoop Earrings

We allowed Anna to choose two things from the shop. Firstly, because she's getting married this summer so she's totally allowed, and secondly because Anna manages to effortlessly find the perfect combination for all of our accessories in the shop. In this case she's picked this beautiful canvas wallet from Bakker Made With Love in geometric blue and white and these sweet wildflower hoops from UK designers Wolf and Moon, which match cleverly with the blue and gold on the wallet. Boom. Definitely a must for the honeymoon in Venice. Congrats, Anna and good luck on the big day! x

Sheila (Press and Marketing) - Great Northern Notebook

Andy Tuohy Great to be Northern Notebook

As part of the Comms team, Sheila understands the fun of recording fun experiences and the joy of a lovely clean notebook. And, when she hits Sardinia this summer, she'll be busy using this quality notebook to stick Polaroid photos in (yes, she is hip enough to have a Polaroid camera), receipts, postcards and memories for a lovely something to look back through when the nights start drawing in back in Blighty. And, because this cool notebook features many of the north east's most famous landmarks, she won't get homesick as she's lounging by the pool sipping something cold and fruity!

Andrew Smith (Shop Manager) - David Bowie A Life by Dylan Jones

David Bowie A Life by Dylan Jones

There's no denying that Shop Manager Andrew loves a good book so it would make sense that he'd be packing an interesting read this summer. This biography of Bowie by Dylan Jones is being cited as the definitive book on the iconic rock star spanning three decades with interviews with 182 friends and family. Get comfortable with this great book, stick on Heroes, pour yourself a Ziggy Stardust cocktail and raise a glass to Andrew (as he's just informed me he's not getting a holiday this summer and will be working the whole time) Cheers!

And happy holidays from all of us at BALTIC Shop!