July 11, 2018

House P-Arty!

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The perfect combo of art, humour and homewares.

When it comes to humour and art, the two names that always spring to mind at BALTIC Shop are the devillish David Shrigley and the Mighty Martin Parr. As famous as both this artist and photographer are globally, their work still retains something essentially, unmistakably British; including sarcasm, being self deprecating and getting away with being gloriously silly. And along with clever, subversive art comes clever and quirky gifts and, fortunately for us, both artists have collaborated with respected galleries and designers to create cool homewares which can be nostalgic, insanely dark, full of pathos and laugh out loud funny all at the same time. We've put together a few of our favourite arty things to cheer you up, help you to reminisce or shock you a little bit - enjoy! And as Shrigley would say, These are not for idiots! Read More...

David Shrigley What the Hell are you Doing? Mug

David Shrigley What the Hell Are You Doing MugHas anyone ever actually asked a cow how they feel about strange humans approaching them, having a sit and then grabbing onto their udders?! David Shrigley captures the perfect essence of an indignant bovine fighting the system and standing up for its cow-y rights by an immediately identifiable Shrigley line drawing printed on a mug making this receptacle of tea, coffee, and most importantly milk, a quirky wait to take a break whether at home or at work. 

David Shrigley Coasters

David Shrigley What the Hell are You Doing CoasterDavid Shrigley Too Much Tea CoasterDavid Shrigley Fucking Ace CoasterDavid Shrigley Beer Coaster

And what better way to enhance your new David Shrigley mug than putting it on a Shrigley designed coaster featuring beer, tea, cows and swear words!  These cork based black and white beauties use some of Shrigley's best known drawings, phrases including the magnificent Ace card image that is sweary but complimentary (which always takes the sting out of the F-Bomb..) Superbly affordable art homewares to bring some edgy cool into a contemporary home.

David Shrigley Salt and Pepper Shakers

David Shrigley Salt and Pepper ShakersCALM DOWN PEOPLE! These ceramic salt and pepper shakers do not really contain illegal narcotics to go atop the next family dinner. Take the wording of these cool pots with a huge pinch of salt (H'I thank you) and bring some condiment providing anarchy the next time you entertain. Imagine getting these for someone for a wedding present - bet they're not registered at your local, safe and friendly department store. David Shrigley - bringing added spice to your kitchen accessories!

Martin Parr Place Mats 

David Shrigley Spam in Japan Place Mat     Martin Parr Sausages Place Mat       Martin Parr Cacti Place Mat      Martin Parr Deli Counter Place Mat

Known for his unique approach to the normal minutiae of the everyday through people having fun and eating food, Parr has created almost sepia tinged images that look both bizarre and mundane, whether he's chronicling the particularly weird world of Brits out and about or looking further afield to world cuisines. And these placemats are perfect for highlighting the wonderful banality of his photography. No highly staged, beautiful culinary deceit for these place mats. Instead, we have a tower of Spam in Japan, disturbing looking cacti, a shiny deli detail and a stark looking sausage covered in tiny potatoes (we think? Not pineapple we hope!) Finding pathos and humour through his documentary photography is Parr's major talent and a perfect housewarming gift for someone who likes to stand out when it comes to serving up dinner.

Martin Parr Coasters

Martin Parr Set of 4 CoastersWhich leads us to these four coasters which, if you're of a certain age and brought up in the UK, will seem like actual details of photos from your parent's photo albums in all their almost sepia glory. Glace Cherries in Campari, a sad bit of orange in a tooth-achingly white looking ice cream, a strong cup of tea in a mass produced cup and the excitement of drinking out of plastic pint glasses in topless beer gardens, it's all here for your nostalgia and delight. Clever and kitsch, these coasters will be a conversation starter for all ages for your next social gathering.

Martin Parr Breakfast Tray

Martin Parr Breakfast TrayAnd, finally, a breakfast on a breakfast tray. Is there anything more English when it comes to food than the Great British Fry Up?! And this breakfast tray has it all - bacon, sausage, fried bread, fried egg and beans. Now beans can be a game changer for some people but we say embrace the breakfast bean and use this tray on a Sunday morning for a lovely lie in as the Lord and Martin Parr would have wanted.

Of course, we have loads more David Shrigley and Martin Parr available, not just homewares, so click here for more art inspired goodies that don't take themselves too seriously and make the world a more wonderfully sarcastic and sardonic place!