May 04, 2018

To Dave's the Day!

There is nothing like a Dave! While putting our awesome new t-towel of Dave Grohl on the online shop the other day, we all got talking about Dave's. Everyone, it seems, knows a Dave (or David if it's Sunday or they're at the Dentist's) and, by and large, the Dave's that people know are pretty cool and decent blokes. So, for no particular reason at all apart from the title made us laugh, we're having a Dave Day. That's right, we're celebrating all things Dave/David related and, when you realise what amazing Dave's we have on BALTIC Shop online, it's a name which deserves the praise! So check out our Dave and David related gifts below and choose your favourite. And feel free to use the Dave related pun at the top next time you see a Dave, that's BALTIC Shop's gift to you...


Dave Grohl Tea Towel

Let's start with where this whole Dave thing, well, started and give lot's of Dave love to the rock god himself, Dave Grohl. It's not a bad start in your musical journey to say that you were the drummer in Nirvana and it's only got better from there what with being lead singer/song writer of one of the biggest rock bands in the world - The Foo Fighters. And they're an epic band to see live. And, Dave Grohl seems the most thoroughly decent man in rock while still maintaining a uber cool status among musicians and fans. And he swears. A lot. 

Dave Grohl Tea Towel

Which begs the question how does all this rock deity status translate into a t-towel? Well, UK designers Bold & Noble have seemingly pulled it off using nothing but bold colours and a strong graphic designed silhouette of the man himself. Yep, there's no mistaking that a hair do, a beard and a choker does make the man. And that man is Dave Grohl. Rock on.

David Bowie Bauble

And talking of rock Goddery, we can't not talk about Bowie. David Robert Jones, born 1947, is the epitome of musical talent, reinvention and enduring popularity. And it has to be noted that, even though the surname had to go for something more pop star cool like Bowie, the David remained. He knew the power of Dave!


And we learned the power of combining the iconic look of Bowie's character Aladdin Sane with a bauble no less. Our best selling product for three years running, people are still clamouring to get their hands on one proving Bowie baubles are not just for Christmas. And we followed up the Bowie Bauble phenomenon with an Ashes to Ashes bauble too for double David decorations!


David Sock-Knee Socks

And now to David's in the arts. And socks. And, we believe, the most famous arty David out there is David Hockney. Born in Bradford in 1937, it's not an exaggeration to say Hockney has been prolific in his artistic career and embracing all forms of artistic expression. Becoming prominent in the 1960's pop art movement, his career has spanned decades and includes photography and opera sets. But I'm sure Mr Hockney never envisaged himself onto a sock. Until now.

Designers Chatty Feet let each artists' style influence their design as can be seen in this pop art-esque representation of Hockney himself. And they're a company who are not afraid to use a pun (which we're very on board with. Hence this whole Blog Post!) and so we introduce you to David Sock-Knee. The arty sock you never knew your feet needed!

David Shrigley Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-Thing

We are wholly biased about this particular David as we love his art, humour and the combination of both in his products. David Shrigley's sardonic wit has got us through some trying times and we heartily believe he will do the same for you. From mugs to badges, from tea towels to bike bells, there is a darkly funny gift from David Shrigley to take the seriousness out of life for a moment.

And then there's this. David Shrigley's Ridiculous Inflatable Swan Thing became a viral sensation back in the summer of 2017. 89 cm of inflatable weirdness packaged in a box and ready for disturbing fellow sunbathers on holiday. Only a true Dave could get away with this wonder. Thanks Shriggers!

David Byrne Talking Heads Poster

From the ridiculous to the sublime, Talking Heads were a powerhouse of the alternative rock scene in the 1980's with the lead singing being undertaken by a desperately cool David, David Byrne. 

This stunning print is by US design company Swissted, using inspiration of old concert flyers and the Swiss typographical style beloved by the creator of the company Mike Joyce in this case from a concert in 1975 in New York City. This band print is a perfect way to bring a bit of Dave in to your life without going the whole Dave Hog. (Bet you're singing Psycho Killer to yourself right about now).

And lastly, we'll leave this greeting card here. 

 For David/Dave's everywhere, we salute you!