March 16, 2018

Why We Love Kozyndan

We're paying homage to the dynamic husband and wife artists, Kozyndan, who create beautiful images which produce beautiful gifts.

It was but twelve short (ahem) years ago and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art was exhibiting Spank the Monkey, a group show featuring cutting edge urban artists, when BALTIC Shop became aware of an American artist duo, Kozyndan. The work they had in the exhibition was a fantastical (and not so fantastical!) imagining of events on the Quayside called 'Battle on the River Tyne' which was sold as a hugely popular limited edition poster and later an archival print.

Image result for battle of the tyne print kozyndan

But, LA based husband and wife team Dan and Kouze Kitchens, also bought their bunnies, inspired by Japanese ukiyo-e woodblock prints, to our attention in stunning poster form and BALTIC shop was hooked. 

Starting with the poster 'Uprising' paying homage to The Great Wave by Hokusai, Kozyndan used bunnies as the water and spray and was an immediate favourite for BALTIC shop staff and customers alike. This became the first of the seasonal bunny poster collection representing Summer and was followed by 'Bunny Blossom' (Spring), 'Bunnies Fall' (Autumn) and Grey Hares Winter Bunnies (Winter). An amazing batch of bunnies posters that look just as good individually as they do altogether

Kozyndan | Seasons of the Bunny Poster Offer

But the couple haven't devoted all their creative creature time to Bunnies! Whether you're a fan of the hunters of the animal kingdom such as Sharks and Kitties or enjoy animals of a more vegan persuasion such as Manatees and Rabbits (very different to Bunnies, we assure you..), there's a beautiful print or poster to meet your needs - they've even paired up Pandas and Orcas for a monochrome addition to their menagerie! 

Kozyndan | Hunters: Sharks and Kitties PosterKozyndan Manatess and Bunnies Vegan PosterKozyndan Captives Poster

Kozyndan have also transferred their work onto stunning homewares including these quality Bunny Blossom teapots and cushions, which make us believe that spring is (maybe) finally here....?

Kozyndan Bunny Blossom Tea PotKozyndan Black Bunny Cushion

We can't wait to find out what's next for the talented creative team but in the mean time, especially as it's nearly Easter, we will continue to enjoy our beautiful bunnies and thank Kozyndan for introducing stunning artwork into our interiors.