March 02, 2018

Up With Mums!

Check your calendars, everyone. There should be a big red circle round a certain date in March. That date is the 11th March and the circle denotes it's time to spoil your mum. Hooray for Mother's Day! Of course cards, flowers and chocolates are lovely and all, but what about the mums who have, shall we say, a more eccentric, fun loving take on life? Here at BALTIC Shop, our Mother's Day greeting cards range was never going to be conventional, let's face it. And we're pretty pleased that our gifts are a tad unusual too. So to help you navigate through all relentless flowery, pink stuff we've put together a collection of mother's day cards and the gifts we think match them perfectly. Happy Mother's Day, amazing mums, lot's of love xx

Cool Mum Card With Como Loko Macaws Cushion


This card is for a cool mum from a cool kid. And the best way to show how cool you think your mum is, is to gift her this beautiful Macaw Cushion. Made in quality faux suede, this tropical inspired cushion will look the business in your mum's house if she loves stylish, contemporary decor. And parrots.


Best Mum In't Land Card and North Pin Badge

If your mum is of the northern persuasion then this greeting card and stylish pin badge is the perfect combination of northern honouring and cool gift giving. The North pin is a great little add on to a bigger gift or a perfectly postable pin for Northern Mams whether they're living away from their birthplace or a super proud of their home.

Thanks for the Good Looks and Eclipse Studs

A witty Mother's Day card which will give both of you a laugh (but not so much your dad, to be fair) for a classy mum who can rock a sophisticated accessory. That's why we recommend these Eclipse studs from UK jewellery designers Wolf and Moon. Simple and elegant but also high impact, your mum will feel like a queen when you take her out for lunch on Mother's Day (don't expect dad to pay, you've thrown him some serious shade with this card!)

Am I a Good Mother Card and Guerrilla Girls Tote Bag

And so from insulting your dad, you're now having a gentle dig at your mum! If your mum is the kind of woman to take this very cool tote bag from arty activists the Guerrilla Girls with gusto and put it on her head to have a gorilla mask head then she's also going to love the card too. Edgy and arty, this card and Mother's Day gift is for a mum that's passionate, powerful and woke.

M is For Mum Card and Moominmamma Soft Toy

Proof that BALTIC Shop can do 'awww', this vintage inspired Ladybird card of a heartwarming mother and daughter scene is matched perfectly with the mighty Moominmamma from the Moomin stories by Tove Janssen. Cute, cuddly and popular - but enough about her offspring, this is about your mum!

Mummy's Breaking Point Card and Gin Purse

Believe it or not, mum's do have them. Moments when it's just all too much, when the chaos, noise and crazy can tip them just a tad to the dark side. You'll know best how your mum deals when she reaches her breaking point whether it's a long run, a long soak or a long drink in a fancy glass with ice cubes and botanicals. But we don't know if you're at that stage in your relationship when you can hand over a bottle of gin for Mother's Day. So take a gently, glittery nod of acknowledgement that your mum copes like a legend most of the time, with this cool Gin coin purse by super jewellery designers Tatty Devine.

So there you have it, Mother's Day is sorted and your mum is going to love whatever you choose to get her on her special day. And if you can't see her in person, call her for goodness sake. You're always on that phone, message her on Facebook! Snapchat her a picture of you with bunny ears! Whatsapp away! I think you get our drift.