June 06, 2017

Super Gifts for Your Super Dad this Father's Day

Dads are awesome. They're our rock stars, our taxi drivers, our super-heroes and our best friends. We've put our thinking hats on to come up with the best gifts for the old man this Father's Day on Sunday 18 June. Find out more...

He had you at your first festival or gig when you were still in the papoose, you grew up around vinyl instead of CD's and there may be a drum kit or guitar in his house. If you answered yes to one or more of these he's a rock star Dad for sure. 

The Card
Only Music Can Save Us Card

The Gifts
1. David Bowie Print by Swissted  2. Flip It Reverse It Iron On Patch  3. Vinyl Mug  4. Only Music Can Save Us Pin (to go with the card obviously).   
1. 2.    

3.     4.


At Halloween he dressed you as a super-hero, he can fix anything with with a screw-driver and saw and you can't quite figure out how. He introduced you to Star Wars, he's there when you need him and he has a canny knack of calling when you're having a bad day. 

The Card 

The Gifts
1. The Super Book for Super-Heroes 2. Star Wars Ice Sabers 3. Kielder Moon Print by Jack Lowe  4. The Dad Ladybird Book 

1. 2.

3.     4.


Your old man is a snappy dresser, he likes his suits and ties and cuff-links are a must. When he looks in the mirror he sees Don Draper. He likes classic design, modern art and aspires to be like Bill Murray with his whiskey in Lost in Translation - a ring a ding, ding! 

The Card

The Gifts
1. David Shrigley Cufflinks  2. XDC Print (as seen in Mad Men) 3. Bill Murray Tee by Alex Sickling 4. Design Classics Print

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