Northern Makers - Meet Katie Jo Winter
July 13, 2022

Northern Makers - Meet Katie Jo Winter

 Katie Jo Winter Cat Print

Newcastle based artist Katie Jo Winter creates beautiful abstract paintings and prints bursting with shape and colour. Katie is a more recent addition to our print wall but has proved to be a big hit with our visitors with both her prints and cards.

We asked her to tell us a bit about herself and what set her off on her creative journey:

"Hello, my name is Katie, I am a designer and printmaker, who takes pride in making and doing.

I’m northern-born and bred, but I am always traveling, currently based in Newcastle upon Tyne, I take inspiration from colour, pattern, modern design, and anything architecture-related. I started to take an interest in printmaking during my time at University, at Leeds College of Art. I used this time to experiment with all kinds of different printing methods, such as screen printing, lithography, woodcut, etching, and engraving.

I decided to start selling my prints on Etsy and at local markets just before covid and have loved doing it ever since. Taking part in the Ouseburn Market alongside artist Gavin Marshall and organizer Jasmine Padgett, was the start of my relationship with the creative side of Newcastle, and where I have met so many of Newcastle's local designers and makers. I feel very lucky to be involved at a time when the creative culture of Newcastle is growing and evolving so quickly."