Northern Makers - Meet The Pin Club
July 13, 2022

Northern Makers - Meet The Pin Club

Nik, The Pin Club FounderThe North PinShy Bairn Pin


Based in Morpeth, The Pin Club design pins of a gloriously northern nature with an eye for the Geordie vernacular and a vegan sausage roll! We had a chat with Nik, the brains and talent behind our favourite Geordie pins, to see what gives her inspiration for her creations and what living in the north means to her.

 ‘My name is Nik and I run Pin Club from my home in Northumberland.  For the past few years I have been concentrating on designing pins celebrating the great North East, the humour, dialect and iconic landmarks. 

 I started the business in 2015 as a creative outlet after leaving my full time role in Business Management. I’ve had quite an eclectic career but these days you’ll find me taking life a bit slower. I’ve always got a creative project on the go though and friends and family are used to me pitching my latest idea.  At the moment I am researching a new project involving old cameras, photography and family trees.

 I feel so lucky to live in the North East! I spent a long time living in Bristol (which I also love) but I was always home sick and knew I would have to return.

Living away for so long made me really appreciate what an amazing place this is, we have the best beaches, banter, bridges and so much more. I am always finding something to be inspired by.'