August 09, 2019

Oh We Do Like to be Beside the Quayside..

...Or anywhere located in the mighty north east to be honest with you. And to celebrate the launch of two - yes two! - new North East inspired posters, we're taking a look at what makes this wonderful place where BALTIC Shop is located so darn irresistible. Or, if we may be so bold, so blumming mint!

The Fabulous Geordie Accent  

Min Tote BagGeordie Collection Magnet SetY I Pet T-shirtGannin On the Hoy Acrylic BadgeGeordie English

Friendliest, sexiest, most trustworthy; if you need to know how people rate the Geordie accent, there'll be a poll somewhere to back up all these three descriptions! A lovely way to be viewed by the rest of the UK (and parts of the world), you can't get away that the Geordie accent and attitude leaves visitors with a warm, fuzzy feeling whenever they visit. And with a great accent comes some great phrases including 'Why Aye, Man', 'Mint' and 'Gan' Canny' to name but a tiny few. We've done our best here at BALTIC Shop to honour the local dialect with tote bags, magnets, badges and clever t-shirts. We even have a Geordie Dictionary just in case you might need a quick translation when conversing with a friendly local!

Famous Landmarks

Great to be Northern Tea TowelSkyline CushionBen Holland It's Grim Up NorthNick James Bridges Wood Laser CutA-Z of the North Poster

Oh where to begin when looking for landmarks of magnitude when looking round the beautiful north east? There's bridges, of course, lot's of magnificent bridges! And buildings, so many stunningly land-marky buildings. There's obviously gorgeous countryside - but! - just a bit further the other way, there's the breathtaking coastline from Northumberland to North Yorkshire and all their castles to boot. Whether you're sampling the exciting sights in the middle of town, venturing towards the River Tyne to check out the Quayside (Hi There!) or wandering further afield, there is something spectacular to see at every turn. We've highlighted only a snippet of landmarks we have to offer on gifts such as prints, posterstea towels and cushions and they're all designed by local artists and makers right here in the North East, so check these out for inspiration for your next destination!

Angel of the North

The North Almost Heaven PosterAngel of the North CushionAngel of the North Tote BagTatty Devine Angel of the North NecklaceAngel of the North Tree Topper

And you thought we'd forgotten?! We just thought this gigantic gem of Gateshead deserves its own category. Famously created by Antony Gormley and completed in 1998, it's fair to say that the Angel of the North kick started a rejuvenation of the town to the south of Newcastle, contributing to the fact that BALTIC Shop is sitting in BALTIC Centre of Contemporary Art right now typing this and waving at the SageGateshead music venue. We love our Angel and have recreated it in many different gifty manifestations over the years. It was difficult to choose our favourite Angels but here are a few including the brand new and absolutely fabulous 'Almost Heaven' poster designed in Newcastle (the original features on BALTIC Shop's window here in Gateshead - it's awesome). There's also Angel of the North bags, accessories and cushions too. You can even have the Angel on top of your tree at Christmas. And seeing as the actual Angel ended up in a Santa hat during Christmas last year, we can't get more festive than that!

The People

Northern Stars PosterSirkka-Liisa Konttinen Whitley BayAlex Sickling North East Tea TowelShy Bairn PinY I Man Mug

You may visit the north east for the spectacular scenery, the beautiful bridges and the stimulating social scene but you'll probably stay for the unparalleled premium of the people! It's not only the joyful accent that leaves visitors wanting to hang around, but the genuine warm welcome and easy friendliness that radiates from all walks of life. We also have a galaxy of famous people beloved by the nation (yes you, Ant and Dec) and top talent to boot. But it's not just our Northern Stars we're proud of (although we're proud enough to have just launched an Andy Tuohy designed poster packed full of great Northerners!), we have gifts that encapsulates the Geordie spirit including beautiful photography, marvelous mugs, top tea towels and pretty pins. We also have a quite mind blowing poster by Kozyndan showing an affectionate take on the people of the Quayside - it moves! Augmented Reality hits Newcastle and Gateshead and it has these Koznydan characters moving and dancing among other things (Check out the video here...)